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Aug. 14th, 2004 @ 08:37 pm
Picnic Man, i suggest adding these to the "interests" section of this community:

art, artists, chance, charity, finances, generosity, goods, jackpots, lottery, luck, money, pools, probability, services, sharing, social change, stuff, theatre, trust

also, i suggest that we set a timetable. make the next week or so about attracting new members before we officially start this lottery. i know that as we approach the holiday season people might be starting to pinch pennies. also, i think we might want to set a few more guidelines, or at least establish a weekly posting that reviews those guidelines so that everyone is always kept fresh on what's going on here. what do you think?

The Captain

Meg and My first lotto ticket Aug. 13th, 2004 @ 07:36 pm
Minnesota Powerball
Jackpot 97 million

Meg's ticket
09 32 37 47 49 Powerball 36
07 08 10 26 31 Powerball 12
01 04 15 30 44 Powerball 10
02 05 06 39 40 Powerball 31
02 04 18 37 46 Powerball 26

Damon's ticket
18 32 33 41 48 Powerball 06
14 21 25 43 46 Powerball 36
07 11 16 23 52 Powerball 27
13 15 24 49 51 Powerball 14
12 17 32 34 44 Powerball 06

Drawing Sat 8/14
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Aug. 13th, 2004 @ 04:43 pm
It's time for a change. Time to make the system work for us instead of against us. Time to use the tools of the enemy. Time to stop being starving artists and become artists with power.

It's time to take a chance. Take many chances. Take enough chances that the chance we will succeed will rise.

This is about money. Which means it's about trust. Without trust, money is the most dangerous force in the world. Money is the cause of every terrible thing that has ever been done in human history. It is a weapon that must be broken and re-forged into a tool for positive change.

Commodity is corruption.
Avarice is slavery.
Trust is liberation.
Generosity is power.

cha-ching cha-ching. bling bling. glory. amen.

Opening Post Aug. 12th, 2004 @ 12:05 pm
If you are reading this then welcome to the five_bucks community where we are building a community around a simple concept: playing the lotto once a week with five bucks and splitting the winnings.
But it will put a little more excitement in all of our lives and it is my goal to spur on some discussion about our future in the new economy of this world. Because it is not the economy of fifty or even twenty years ago. We will not work all our lives and have the same life our parents have. So with that being said
Let the gambling begin.

Please see the communities info page for details on this community, guidelines for playing the lotto, and how to get your share of winnings.

Also tell everyone you know about this community. Even if someone doesn't have a livejournal get them to play and then post thier info for them.
The more who play the better chance we have of winning.

"Howard Dean started with 450 national supporters and 100,000$ in the bank, he went on to raise 15+million dollars through the internet and although didn't win changed the face of politics forever."

This community has sprouted because of that idea.
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