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Everyone has the local story of the lunch ladies who grouped together and played the lotto every week and then one day hit it big and split it among all twenty of them. Maybe your story is a little different. Well this community is another one those stories. We have decided to commit five dollars a week to our local lotteries, if one of us wins, we all split the winnings.
We figure that once a week we spend five bucks on something that is completely useless to us: a frappacino, a magazine, a movie we don't even watch, a bus ticket so we don't have to walk, whatever it is we have decided collectively that five bucks is a small price to pay to maybe make some extra cash. The more people who join this community and help out the greater our chances of winning. yes the more people who join the less everyone gets. But really does even 1000 dollars for five bucks a week sound like a good trade off.

join this community, give us your input, check out what we are discussing. This is a place to take about money without the usual social stigmas and taboos that people place on it. Got a great idea about a business proposal, put it here. Maybe someone wants to fund it, or invest. Got a get rich quick scheme that seems like it is fool-proof, post it here and see if we can pick it apart. (If we can't maybe we'll all join).
The fact is that at this point in time we can't live the same way people did 50 years ago. Just working for a living and hoping to retire happy at 65 is not going to be an option.
So here is a place to talk about the future as well.

You don't have to be in the lotto pool to be a part of this community. You can post with you playing. If you want to be a part of the pool all we ask is the following (subject to change)
Please submit your mailing address (so we can mail you the winnings).
Please play 5 dollars worth of lottery a week. The lottery should be of a substantial winnings (better for everyone) but doesn't have to be the biggest jackpot. 10 grand among 10 people is still 1000 dollars per person.
Please post the following every week.
-The lottery you played
-Your numbers
-The jackpot

This is to provide some excitement in the community. It will be fun to see numbers and potential jackpots go up because everyone who is playing has a stake in each game. And all it cost is 5 dollars.

Lastly, if you really feel the need to submit fake numbers for a fake lotto just to try and win a portion of the proceeds then to you I say "may satan have mercy on your soul and may you die of gut rot." If you can't bother to pay five bucks a week to play please don't fake it.

Good luck.